Erhan DEMİRELLİ, Eşref Savaş BAŞÇI, Süleyman Serdar KARACA
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Turkish banking sector has had a swift recovery after the 2001 crisis that was experienced in Turkey and there has been observed a great increase at assets size of the sector, credits, deposits and net profit. 169 billion TL assets size in 2001 increased to 961 billion TL in 2010. Whereas the net profit was -11 billion TL in 2001, it increased to 21 billion TL in 2010. Using panel regression analysis, this study seeks to determine whether there have been significant differences between the ratios acquired from financial statements of 3 public banks and 11 private banks operating in Turkish banking sector between 2001 and 2010.

According to this, it was analyzed whether profitability ratios of the banks that represent a balanced panel feature can be explained in terms of other ratios as a dependent variable or not. Profitability ratios from the dependent variables have been taken into consideration as Net Profit (Loss) / Total Assets (KAR1), Net Profit (Loss) / Shareholder’s Equity (KAR2), Pre -Tax Profit / Total Assets (KAR3). The purpose of this study is to look for an answer to the question “Is there a significant difference between the years 2001 and 2010 for State-Owned and Privately Owned Banks in terms of ratios that explain dependent variables?” Moreover, there has also been revealed whether explanatory variables have differentiated or not.

Consequently, according to the balanced panel regression results that have been performed in state-owned banks, ratios that can explain those ratios at 1% significance level when we perform regression analysis to KAR1, KAR2 and KAR3 ratios separately at a fixed effect are: Total Operating Income / Total Assets (FR1) and (Personnel Expense + Severance payment) / Total Assets (FR3) ratios. When this same analysis has been performed to the private sector banks, there has been analyzed that ratios of Shareholder’s Equity / (Deposits + Non-Deposit Resources) (SY3) and Total Deposits /Total assets (BY1) along with the explanatory variables of the state-owned banks can be explained at 1% significance level. Stata 11software was used for the analysis, effect models Hausman test for the panel have been performed. F-test of all models that have been set are significant and explanation rates have shown change.

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Profitability, stated owned banks, privately owned banks

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