Mohammed Mostafa AL-KHACHROUM, Weam KENNAWI
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Because of the challenges faced by human resources departments in the business environment, organizations approved the need to provide services with higher added-value and less cost. Which imposed on the human resources departments serious search for the best solutions that help them in addressing those challenges and achieve a competitive advantage to ensure their survival and growth. Whereas outsourcing can be considered as one of these solutions which human resource departments can use to meet those challenges. The current research aims to identify future readiness of the organizations with regard to outsourcing human resources activities and factors affecting it, this research has been carried out at the industrial organizations in the city of Aleppo. To achieve the study objective a designed questionnaire has been used to match the research variables, this questionnaire was distributed to (100) industrial organization in the city of Aleppo, using multiple regression of a package of statistical programs (SPSS.18.0), the research conclusion found that (experience of the organization in the outsourcing field ;and the strategic focus variables) significantly affect the future decision of outsourcing human resources activities, while other variables such as specialization, quality and cost had no significant effect in that decision.

Anahtar kelimeler

Outsourcing, Previous Experience of the Organization, Cost, Quality, Specialization, Strategic focus

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