Mohammad KHACHROUM, Suleiman ALİ, Karam M. HİLLY
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Syrian industries are facing very critical era nowadays. Therefore, this research aims to address the following questions first of all, which brands will be attracted by Syrian consumers? How can Syrian companies gain local customers' trust and preferences? And which factors could affect Syrian consumer’s decision making? To answer these questions home appliances industry will be a field of study. Two approaches have been conducted in this study; qualitative research including interviews with the largest companies’ managers in this sector (al-Hafez, Joud, Wattar) including SWOT analysis and better understanding of this industry. The second approach was a survey conducted at the end users to 259 householders to explore their preference and the main reasons behind their choices. Three factors have been examined. The first one is Syrian products value and its contribution to the Syrian consumers decision making (DM). The second one is brand. Finally, the role of Advertising and marketing communication. The study findings are: both price and quality have important effect on the DM which makes the value the most influential variable, brand awareness has less effect, and advertising has the lowest effect, but it has high indirect effect through creating brand awareness.

Anahtar kelimeler

Advertising, Brand, Value, Quality, Price, Decision Making

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