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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) has become serious issue especially after Cold War why symetric war perception has changed. In Cold War era, armament competition has been based for two blocks which has been between NATO and Warsaw Pacts. So Cold War has also involved to control of the armament process. Two blocks has signed treaties or agreements about disarmament concept. Conventional and nuclear arms were the main discussion issues in that era. Beside those arms, biologic or chemical arms has been intensively used in Vietnam War. Ideologic competition has required military solidarity with the super powers. USA and USSR have sold weapons to their allies in not only Europe continent but also to Asia, Africa, Southern America. The countries which have been asministrated by dictators have had WMD through the super power’s competition. Currently the main problem, WMD can not be controlled by the treaties or agreements. After the dissemination of Soviet Bloc, WMD has been captured by different forces which some of them non-state actors. Dictators can not be controlled by any force. Super powers has founded balance in Cold War. New era has indicated to world public opinion main contradiction has not been among West and East, in fact it is among North and South. Southern countries’ people feel they are pressed by Northern countries. Islamic fundamentalism is accepted instead of Marxism by the Arabs for resistance to developed countries. Arabs do not trust to their dictators. Al Queda has emerged from these injury emotions, it has been based on global environment. Islamic fundemantalism facilitates to use WMD, to realize terror attacks. 9/11 events has shown us, asymetric war has been realized by terror organizations, they are also non-state actors and they have not regular forces. Pre-emptive or preventive strike concept has been resourced from these terror strikes. In US strategies WMD has been coded as Chemical Biologic Radiological Nuclear Explosive (CBRNE) weapons. In this paper, WMD will be considered as tool of new world order and asymetric war era.


Anahtar kelimeler

Weapon, Mass, Destruction, International, Politics

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